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So Not Untitled: Help


I am getting forced out of my house soon because of being gay and transgender.

Mum: “You either need to stop acting like a boy and be a girl, or get out. You are ruining your little sister’s life with your choices. A six-year-old cannot go around and say, ‘I have a two brothers,…

I keep reading this kind of thing and it makes me want to scream WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE??!?

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People of Tumblr, I am proud to announce that I think I’ve found my Troll of the Year! And it’s only August!

I know, right?

I think what makes this one special is the daring comparison made between having a preference for fat women and being a pedophile. I think you’ll agree with me then I say that many wouldn’t have the audacity* to make that link.

So, what do you think? Am being premature in declaring a winner this early in the game ??

Found whilst looking over the #Fat Acceptance tag, on  egyptiancinderella ‘s excellent Tumblr

And now, just take away the nasty taste that has left, have some loveliness by the wonderful artist, Ada Breedveld

*When I say audacity, I mean utterly unafraid to show the extent of their ignorance of what makes a decent human being.

MAEL PRIVILEGE: Trigger Warning (Child Abuse): Nadine Dorries says child sex abuse victims should "just say no"




Two weeks after the Mid Bedfordshire MP introduced a sexist private member’s bill which would teach only girls the virtue of sexual abstinence and “how to say no”, Nadine has helped to advance the myth that child sexual abuse is linked…

I just emailed her. It helped with that ‘sick to the stomach’ feeling I got when I read this and when I listened to the show segment. I feel like I should go have another shower now.

PETA is an unbearably misogynistic, classist, ableist piece of shit organism that has stained veganism with their outrageous antics in the name of spreading a moral system that, even to a vegan like me, generally makes no sense.
Anyway, their advertising exploits women, they ignore the fact that some people literally cannot eat a vegan diet, and they assume that every one has access to the food necessary to be a “healthy” vegan. (Newsflash: they don’t.)

Mark (via sweetcalamity) They’ve also compared slaughterhouses to slavery, so you know. The list goes on and on. (via strikematchlightfiyah)

If you’re fat



no matter how nice it is outside, don’t ever show skin. I don’t care if it’s 90 degrees, I better see you in a long sleeve and some pants. no one wants to see your flabby arms of unhealthiness, no one wants to see your wavy fat thighs, or cankles. just wear coats in the summer. 

and the beach?

that’s definitely a no-no

Just for you, buddy, I’m goin’ butt naked all night.

And I’m a dude… a fat dude who’s going to wave his fat schlong all around while doing jumping jacks and burpees, outside, singing “Eat It.”

I’ll be sure to take some pictures just for you, fuckwad.

Haha oh atchka: you are *so* my hero right now. Also I just laughed so hard at your reply to this idiot that I spilled my drink all over me and had to go change. So now in honour of the OP, I am wearing my tightest lycra bike shorts on my fat ass, showing my bare legs to the world..and not just bare and fat, but hairy too. Oh yeah and I have bare shoulders too, so hopefully the sheer horror of my fat, pale flesh will banish the troll to the outer darkness where they belong.

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France wakes up to a burka ban as Sarkozy unveils a new era.

In France, new legislation which bans women from wearing burqas or niqabs in public, comes into effect today.

Women who cover their face can be fined ($205 AUD) and ordered to attend re-education classes.

This makes me choke with rage -I know what I’d be going out in if I was in France.

Suddenly it’s ‘Liberté, égalité, fraternité, except for any woman who chooses to wear a full face veil’ . Fuck you France.

Why do people post photos of their ridiculously ungroomed amazon vaginas?



Because some of us dig that shit.

Because it’s called a BUSH - not a hedge!

They do it JUST TO ANNOY YOU!  Yes, YOU personally, because everything on the internet should be in a form that doesn’t offend YOU, because YOU are such a fragile little snowflake that you will destroyed if you see some one’s body and it’s not to YOUR taste.

*rolls eyes* 

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Public Service Announcement

I have stopped following a couple of people over the last 24 hrs because they have reblogged a meme that is both deeply racist and fat hating. I am not going to link to or reblog the image for reasons that should be obvious but I will give a brief description below.

Image is a two panel meme, each panel a photo of a fat toddler of possibly Han Chinese origin (although I could be wrong about that) playing happily. Both panels are captioned in a racist, abusive way.

I will not follow anyone who propagates deeply distasteful material like this and I will not debate this with anyone. If you don’t get why it’s not okay then I am not going to waste my time or yours talking about it.

You are free to find what the hell you like funny, just don’t do it near me. Thank you.

Dear Protesters…

Don’t get me wrong, as someone who is interested in politics and political reform, I welcome protest and dissent.  Protest and dissent are vital to  civic life  and listening to criticism is vital for political growth. However, if you are going to protest and want to engage with the people you disagree with, the following might be useful -

  • Appropriating other people’s struggles, their appalling treatment and life and death desperation for your own ends is insulting, demeaning to those people and shows you have no understanding of  privilege. For example the guy who yelled at me and others queuing to get into Sheffield City Hall, declaring that Sheffield had been turned into the ‘Left Bank ‘  would had a better reception if machine gun emplacements, bulldozed homes and the bodies of murdered children had been more in evidence.   As it was, we stopped listening to you pretty much instantly for saying something so idiotic.
  • If you come up to me and say you would a like a constructive conversation about why you are protesting, but then don’t have any real idea of what to say except that anyone who disagrees with you is ‘tory scum’ then  I’m going to walk away.  
  • A catchy placard slogan is not going to make up for not knowing what you are talking about. If you are going to disagree with a policy, read that policy first and then tell me what you would do differently. Making threats and personal insults is not protest, it’s plain old fashioned thuggery.

To all the other people whom did take the time to be polite, well informed and to actually listen , a big thank you! We may not have agreed but it was good to talk to you.

Bitch, please.: iamwhoiamandidontgiveadamn: So sit straight and listen up!: Are all...


So sit straight and listen up!: Are all you “Team Sheen” members aware….



that there are 7 reported incidents of women being physically abused by him, and in one incident, he SHOT his fiance in the arm with a .22?…

Thank you. Sheen is a misogynist fuckwit and anyone who thinks he is cool is sending a pretty clear message about how they feel about women. Frankly this is good because it means I know to avoid them now.


Manchester gets ready for the ‘Best of British’ Pride

I don’t know if I’m going this year. Listening to people boo and hiss at my friends in the parade because they were representing Biphoria and being y’know, Bisexual in public, was a sickening experience.  I’ve had nearly 30 years of dealing with biphobia and it’s always worse when it comes from  lesbians and gays. Just fucking grow up people!


Manchester gets ready for the ‘Best of British’ Pride

I don’t know if I’m going this year. Listening to people boo and hiss at my friends in the parade because they were representing Biphoria and being y’know, Bisexual in public, was a sickening experience.  I’ve had nearly 30 years of dealing with biphobia and it’s always worse when it comes from  lesbians and gays. Just fucking grow up people!