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(Other than an epidemic of hate and prejudice)

Don’t worry your pretty little brainwashed heads, I won’t cost you a penny.

And i’m not alone in that.

These anti-fat news reports are all sponsored by diet companies and a way of spreading fear, it’s a hate campaign as usual. Yawn.

“They’re telling lies!” I quote from Hairspray.

But eh, thanks bbc and all other news stations for the extra stigmatisation thrusted upon the visual of my body type as i’m on my way out in public! (sarcasm on the thanks.x.12)

If I could have my way I would DEMOLISH the “obesity expert” (PAAAAHAHAHAHAHA) meeting at Parliament today.

There really is nothing to discuss other than their own prejudices. Bunch of complete and total idiots! They are wasting their time and in doing so, hurting so many people.. Pehhh…

EDIT: It’s the costs of oppression and the oppressors that it all leads back to that are the problem, not the people of whom are oppressed.

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I just love bears so much.

Like, a lot. You have no idea.

the full-sized picture can be found here not like anyone asked for it though slkdfjalk

yes, vi. it is i, bear.

all the bearz.  <3

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You’ve probably spent your whole life being misunderstood, surrounded by people who don’t understand you. Maybe you’ve been told that you’re “aggressive” or “troubled”. People may have assumed that you’re stupid or treated you like a small child when you’re not one. It’s likely people have told you how “sorry” they feel for your “poor parents” or suggested that people like you should never be born. People have probably told you that you don’t feel empathy, that you can’t have friends, that you don’t feel love or pain and you’ll always be a cold, friendless loner.

I’m going to tell you something very important. All of those people are WRONG. All of them.

You’re not broken. You’re not stupid. You’re not a tragedy. You are absolutely brilliant and beautiful and loved and wanted *exactly* the way you are.
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i wish nyago had become popular.  he’s just so cute!


Big sis here! This is a Sanrio character I just learned about. “Nyago” is a boy tabby cat who loves to sleep. He reminds me of my little sister, who also loves to sleep! <3

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Our story is the story of the universe. Every piece of everyone, of everything you love and everything you hate, of the thing you hold most precious, was assembled by the forces of nature in the first few minutes of the life of the universe, transformed in the hearts of the stars or created in their fiery deaths.

And when you die, those pieces will be returned to the universe in the endless cycle of death and rebirth. What a wonderful thing it is to be part of that universe. And what a story, what a majestic story.

Professor Brian Cox, Wonders of the Universe.

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Hello Tumblr, have a picture of a hedgehog dressed as Dracula.


Hello Tumblr, have a picture of a hedgehog dressed as Dracula.

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text in image:


“And so, I ask that you all will not leave your canvases undone.  Use every color imaginable to show who you are inside and out, for every tint and every hue counts.  And as you create your picture remember you are the illustrator, so no one can create your picture but you.  So make it the most precious and most beautiful picture that you can, with love, truth, and joy in every color”
~ CeCe McDonald


CeCe’s trial starts Monday, April 30th at 9am.

Can’t be in court, you can still help support CeCe McDonald through out her trial.

*Re-post & forward EVERYTHING we put out on FB, Tumblr & Twitter. SHIT NEEDS TO GO VIRAL for the main stream media to pay any attention.

*Blog & write yr asses off! Contact yr local media & get them to write or publish articles about CeCe.

*Write letters to the editor of your local papers, let them know about her case!

*Support the Supporters by bringing us lunch. Here’s all the info:

*Write to CeCe, let her know she is not alone in this. Send her books, send her letters. Info here:

*Hold a fundraiser for CeCe. We’re still short on our budgeted cost for her & her family’s support.

*Start a CeCe Support Committee in yr area! Info here:

*Wear PURPLE all through the trial and tell people why yr wearing it. Post pics on our wall of yr community wearing purple, spread the word.

*Change yr profile pic on all yr social media sites to one of CeCe or CeCe inspired Art. We have tons of pics on the FB page.

FB page direct link:

and @freececemcdonald: sorry to bother you, but the link to the post about bringing lunches seems to be broken.  is this the same post here?:

let’s motherfucking GO, y’all!

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