foolish mistakes, but whatever, they are all mine.
Mostly-cis, fat ,middle aged, bisexual, disabled, white femme. My hobby is seeing how many years I can add to my collection before I die.

Posting will be random but may contain fat acceptance, wool, and cats, lagomorphs and corvids in no particular order. Posting may also be sporadic as I have ME/CFS and a bunch of other stuff that makes me tired and some times crabby.

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sweetlings by Gingermelon on Flickr.Via Flickr:
top:  lady bird, lamb, red panda, monkey.
bottom:  owl, fox and eeyore

sweetlings by Gingermelon on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
top: lady bird, lamb, red panda, monkey.
bottom: owl, fox and eeyore


Grimmie Birds, Grimmie Cats, Grimmie Bears and Grimmie Elephants made from recycled materials by Katka Hubacek of katkalandcreatures in Montreal, Quebec.

These are so cute and goofy!


Soft sculpture by Annette Tait in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I grew up in Zambia, the Northern Territory in Australia and the Highlands of Scotland, all beautiful and wild places. I’ve shared my heart and home with many amazing and precious animal companions. And now I share it with Wesley, my rescue rabbit (he sleeps beside my pillow :)”