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The artists over at Pictoplasma academy are producing some pretty amazing stuff.

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Leonard Nimoy;s beautiful ‘Full Body’ project

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First light or last light, it soothes me the same. The darkness is coming, it’s calling my name.

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The bottom of the barrel on Flickr.

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York Castle Museum, Victorian Street exhibit

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A hyrax at Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya, February 17th 2014

This is a hyrax, a wee little herbivore (not a rodent!) that lives up the sides of cliffs and stuff. They’re kind of weird. They don’t maintain their body heat too well so they spend entire days sitting quietly in the sun hoping not to get cold. They’re related to elephants and manatees and because they excel at sitting still it’s really easy to get pictures.

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I demand this outfit in size FAT, any time now would be good.

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Siamese Fireback. Photo by Gary1844

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circa 1911

I have questions…

circa 1911

I have questions…

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Samsung Launching People


All of you know that I’ve never advertised things on this page before, (other than that people should look into adopting rescue dogs admittedly, I did post that too), and I don’t push any project that comes along.

 I read this one because frankly I use a Samsung  phone every day to update this blog, and it’s a project to give exposure and a mentor to creatives in the UK and Ireland, so it caught my attention.

I read through  it, and decided  to share it with you, cause I know there’s a bunch of you involved in creating too.

Photography wise, the mentor is Rankin, now I’m sure he doesn’t need any introduction from me, but he’s put a little video together nonetheless:

As well as the photography opportunity, the other mentors involved are pop-up chef and Sunday Times cook Gizzi Erskine, award-winning actor and producer Idris Elba and singer-songwriter Paloma Faith.

The following is the information from Samsung in order to get involved:

How to apply:

To apply you need to make a 2-minute video all about you and your ambition. This is your chance to show off your passion, your personality, and your project idea, to get the attention of our mentors. Then we just need an image and a bit of copy and you’re good to go.  You can find out more and upload your submission at:

What you could get:

Two opportunities for everyone:

1. Gizzi, Idris, Paloma and Rankin will each choose one candidate with whom they’ll work one-to-one. The chosen protégés will spend 2-3 weeks together, working closely with their mentors in a house fully furnished with Samsung’s latest technology on their personal projects, building towards a grand launch event and making their ideas and ambitions a reality.

And the public will get to vote for one winner in each category to receive £500 for personal tuition and Samsung technology up to the value of £2000.

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