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Sharks get a bad rap for being dangerous predators that are constantly devouring humans, but there is a whole world of things out there that will kill before a shark does. Here are just a few of those things.

You’re three times more likely to be killed by fatness then lightning…

Look I’m going to shout here, so be prepared: OBESITY HAS NEVER KILLED ANYONE BECAUSE IT’S NOT A DISEASE. 

*ahem* I get a bit tetchy about this, because facts,   You may now go about your normal business.

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This disconnect gets awful especially given that fatness itself, obesity (we’ll get to actual sicknesses correlated with obesity in a minute) has been medicalized and pathologized to be the deadliest “illness” in America right now, so instead of the diet/healthcare industry continue to propagate lies, offer dangerous drugs instead of treatment. If it was cancer and everywhere you went all you saw were “miracle” no effort magic cancer curing pills people would be angry, it would not be allowed to happen.
I am putting a big ass TW on this entry. I talk about death, bullying and shit. And why science is not the fat haters friend AND how science proves that fat haters are not only wrong but awful people. Get to it here (via nudiemuse)
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When our political leaders have no vision for the future that looks anything different from the present – indeed, simply preserving things as they are is the height of their ambitions – food becomes a focus for intervention on health, education and environmental grounds that gives those in power a way of getting their hooks into our lives. And the consequences are unlikely to be anything other than authoritarian. If we cannot be inspired by celebrity chefs or persuaded to stop eating too much by fears for our health, we must be controlled more directly. Ten years ago, it would have seemed absurd that teachers would inspect children’s lunchboxes for the ‘wrong’ food; now it’s routine.

sp!ked review of books | Is society suffering from an eating disorder?

Please note that while there are some problematic parts to this article - including use of statistics regarding the so-called ‘rise in obesity’ and the way ED’s are used and discussed, it is worth persisting to the end.



(Other than an epidemic of hate and prejudice)

Don’t worry your pretty little brainwashed heads, I won’t cost you a penny.

And i’m not alone in that.

These anti-fat news reports are all sponsored by diet companies and a way of spreading fear, it’s a hate campaign as usual. Yawn.

“They’re telling lies!” I quote from Hairspray.

But eh, thanks bbc and all other news stations for the extra stigmatisation thrusted upon the visual of my body type as i’m on my way out in public! (sarcasm on the thanks.x.12)

If I could have my way I would DEMOLISH the “obesity expert” (PAAAAHAHAHAHAHA) meeting at Parliament today.

There really is nothing to discuss other than their own prejudices. Bunch of complete and total idiots! They are wasting their time and in doing so, hurting so many people.. Pehhh…

EDIT: It’s the costs of oppression and the oppressors that it all leads back to that are the problem, not the people of whom are oppressed.

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You aren’t serious about this “diets don’t work” thing, are you?

Completely serious. Diets don’t work. By diet, I mean anything you are doing to fuck with your eating habits in order to lose weight. Even if you’re fucking with your food to lose weight “for your health”, that’s still a diet. If you’re calling your attempt to lose weight a “lifestyle change” or “eating better and exercising”, it’s still a diet. Whenever attempted weight-loss is studied, the results are a resounding failure. The researchers say things like, “It is only the rate of weight regain, not the fact of weight regain, that appears open to debate.”

Ah the obesity epidemic. The media can’t get enough of talking about it, now we have HBO partnering with all kinds of (heavily lobbied) government organizations who are producing the documentary “The Weight of a Nation” to focus more attention on it – to really whip us into a warring frenzy. I’ll talk more about the documentary in the upcoming days, but today I have some questions.
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Always worth revisiting


Click read more to read about common fat myths and why they aren’t true at all, such as fat is unhealthy.

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One of my favorite arguments for ‘fixing’ obesity is the ever so simple ‘eat less, exercise more!’ argument. To assume that weight gain or loss is just as simple as calories in vs. calories burned is an incredible insult to the complex and intricate ways in which our bodies operate. Ways in which we’re not even CLOSE to fully understanding.


Different bodies work in different ways.

Deal. With. It.

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 Feed Me!: What do you expect from the research journal Obesity?
"I don’t know about you, but I think Santa looks kind of grim. Ill, even. Someone should tell him that physical activity and fitness are a lot more important than weight. “

 Feed Me!: What do you expect from the research journal Obesity?

"I don’t know about you, but I think Santa looks kind of grim. Ill, even. Someone should tell him that physical activity and fitness are a lot more important than weight. “