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Lewis, East of Scotland: Annual inspection


Constable Macleod has issued a reminder to all citizens that the Annual Emergency Kit Inspection Day is almost upon us. The Kit, mandated by the Comhairle, must contain the following items, maintained in good order:

2x sturdy flashlights

1x lifejacket (per person)

1x black pudding

3x coils of stout rope, suitable for restraining heavy humanoid beings

1x jerrycan of holy water

15x (minimum) sharpened stakes

1x bottle of cyanide capsules

All citizens are expected to be in their homes to allow Constable Macleod access to inspect their Kit, and their Emergency Shelters.  Failure to do so will result in the removal of all Comhairle emplaced wards and charms from the offending home, as all citizens who do not remain in a state of constant preparedness are considered a liability to themselves and to their community.

Ladies and Gentlemen, evidence that I done brought up my son just right.

Lewis, East of Scotland: Point Coven announces successful season


A statement was issued this week by the Point Area Coven & Allied Witchcraft Practitioners Committee announcing the end of a highly successful sacrificing season. The statement, written in bloody foot high letters on the office walls of the Gazette, says that a total of 79 sheep and 16 tourists…


“Stuff People Say to M.E. Sufferers” (by purplefryup)


Also: could be adapted to other spoonies.