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Two more reasons to love Carol Rossetti’s pictures collection is because it adresses disability and it portrays women with disabilities too. I’m so excited that the first one has my name on it!


I will not censor myself.

I will not shrink to make room for you.

I will not hide my anger for you.

I will not behave myself for you.

I will not put your needs in front of my own.

I will not bite my tongue about issues that matter to me.

I will not define myself by you.

I will not thank you for treating me with the respect I deserve.

I will not stay silent.

I will not beg for your approval or permission.

I will not smile for you.

I will not tailor my life to yours to make you feel wanted.

I will not set fire to myself to keep you warm.

Does this make you uncomfortable?


I deserve to exist.

My body is valid.

I think it to myself or say it quietly under my breath like a prayer.

I say it sharply coupled with a “fuck you” at strangers snickering at me on the bus or on the Internet.

On really difficult days when I think my body is a worthless sack of shit (there are those days; there are rough days in any relationship), I force myself to admit that I’m worthy.

I stand in front of the mirror and look at my body and say it aloud until I believe it.

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The Deadly War on Obesity

"The truth is inescapable:  fat people are being shamed, stigmatized, oppressed and scapegoated for profit and political cover.

For the record:

No, fat people are NOT the reason that healthcare costs have gone up.

No, there is no argument to be made about how fat people are costing you tax dollars.

Yes, it’s okay to be fat – no, other people’s bodies are not your business

Yes, the fashion industry, the media and the internet are part of the problem but all three of those are funded by our time, money and energy so ending this war starts with us and it’s not hard to participate.”

 Dances with Fat -The Deadly War on Obesity

  Make-up tips for the morning after (trigger warning domestic violence) - Blog - The F-Word

Refuge explained that,

"Lauren Luke has a huge online following of teenage girls and young women. Research shows that abuse in teenage relationships is alarmingly common, and Refuge believes that much more work needs to be done to reach this group and educate them about domestic violence. A survey undertaken by Refuge and YouGov in 2009 revealed that over half of young women aged 18-21 had experienced at least one abusive incident from a boyfriend, husband or partner. Despite this, only 41% said that they would know where to go for help if they experienced domestic violence".

Campaigners on sexual violence accuse Olympic organisers of ignoring issue | Life and style | The Guardian

Oh look, people ignoring domestic and sexual violence, how surprising! Also - why the hell is this in the ‘womens blog’ in the Lifestyle section?