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New Blog Post - Roses & Violet feat. Bonmarche David Emanuel dress size 24 & @zennioptical glasses. Full details, links and review at #fat #fatshion #radfat #psblogger #fblogger #plussize #effyourbodystandards #effyourbeautystandards #effyourhealthstandards #bonmarche #zennioptical #lollylikes #lollylikesfatshion

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Micheal Cinco

Oh dear lard, give them aaaalllll to me.

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Love yourself above all else and let your beauty shine!! :)


Love yourself above all else and let your beauty shine!! :)

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What old goths wear in the spring.

Help Please


Could you all please click here and vote for all of my looks? thanks :D

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More dresses!

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I demand this outfit in size FAT, any time now would be good.

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Fuck Flattering (xPosted from Facebook)


So, here’s some stream of consciousness sparked off by a persistent and ongoing fuss about the latest Evans clothes collection. Consider it my Rantnarok. This is real damn long. There’s a tl;dr at the bottom if you must.

The concept of flattering can be quite simple for people; “That’s so flattering!” meaning “That suits you!” and little else. For fat people such as myself, it is a double edged blade that compliments and undermines all at once. “That’s so flattering!” often meaning “That makes you look less fat!”

“Flattering” for fat people is borderline toxic. “Be less fat.” “Don’t stand out.” We are told to do whatever is in our power to make ourselves less socially hideous, even if that means hiding our bodies away under frumpy, shapeless, colourless sacks. And “flattering” is the nicest way of saying that.

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Dear judgy fucks who think hating on fatties is an “unpopular opinion”


This is possibly the most basic thought you have ever expressed

Literally no one cares what you think, shut up and get out of our tags

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Please lets all start doing this!!! #radfat #fat #fatshion #plussize #plussizefashion #psblogger #fbloggers

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collections that are raw as fuck ➝ ziad ghanem s/s 2014

damn just when i was complaining about people not upping their fat fashion game, someone goes ahead and does! on point

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New Outfit post on the bloggy. Sporting an outfit inspired by my 16 yr old self….

New Order Crop Top by CandyStrike (me)

Petticoat by the brilliant gals at Domino Dollhouse

more on the blog

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My New Year’s Resolution: Squeeze my 48 inch hips into leggings. Wear as pants. Repeat often. 

Size 18, age 23.

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