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Yulia Yanina 2014

Gonna throw a fit if someone doesn’t buy me this dress >:)



Yulia Yanina 2014

Gonna throw a fit if someone doesn’t buy me this dress >:)
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Micheal Cinco

Oh dear lard, give them aaaalllll to me.

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I demand this outfit in size FAT, any time now would be good.

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Fuck Flattering (xPosted from Facebook)


So, here’s some stream of consciousness sparked off by a persistent and ongoing fuss about the latest Evans clothes collection. Consider it my Rantnarok. This is real damn long. There’s a tl;dr at the bottom if you must.

The concept of flattering can be quite simple for people; “That’s so flattering!” meaning “That suits you!” and little else. For fat people such as myself, it is a double edged blade that compliments and undermines all at once. “That’s so flattering!” often meaning “That makes you look less fat!”

“Flattering” for fat people is borderline toxic. “Be less fat.” “Don’t stand out.” We are told to do whatever is in our power to make ourselves less socially hideous, even if that means hiding our bodies away under frumpy, shapeless, colourless sacks. And “flattering” is the nicest way of saying that.

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A Collected Style:

Cruel Winter 

The winter has always been my favorite season. I love the layering ability it gives you. I also love experimenting and seeing what I can combine for an outfit. How do you approach layering when putting together an outfit for the winter ?  Stay Warm America 

Outfit Details: Knit Sweater by J.Crew, Goodwill $4 || Navy Blue Parka by Ralph Lauren, Salvation Army $5 || Chambray Button Down, Salvation Army $3 || Denim Jacket by Old Navy, Consignment Store $8 || White Chuck Taylors  by Converse, $40 || Alpha Khakis by Dockers $40 || Striped Socks by J.Crew . $15 

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Be Wise. Be Free. Be Great. Be Forgiving. Be Ambitious. Be YOU.

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One of the advantages of using wheels to get around; you can wear any size heels you damn well want too, without the attendant dangers usually associated with insanely high footwear :-)

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Manaka Handmade Kente Snood… Shop online here…

Some women are just unequaled…incomparable….

What amazing eyes and wonderful make-up.

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Make Up Sundays Featuring Ms Danti

Colored brow day! Filled them in with Violet Trance and Electric Eel. Lips are Cyber with Violet pigment. Cheeks are vintage grape, violet pigment, violet trance, blunt, and beautiful iris. The goal was to be colorful and matchy

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House of Blues

White Linen Sports Coat(Good Will $5.00)

Light Blue Button Down(Salvation Army $3.50)

Green Sweater(Thrift Store $5.00)

Burgundy Slim Pants(H&M $30.00)

Brockton Denim Blue Shoes by Bass(SRI Show Warehouse $50.00)

God Bless

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The Saint Harridan Kickstarter is now live!! Saint Harridan is a (OAKLAND-BASED WOOOO 510 REPRESENT!!) business whose mission is to produce suits and formalwear designed to fit women and transmen. If you’ve been waiting all your life for this, as I have, then get your butts over there and donate. If you don’t have any money to donate, then REBLOG REBLOG REBLOG, so that we can make this succeed!

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All of these in size EXTRA FAT, please.

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