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Sharks get a bad rap for being dangerous predators that are constantly devouring humans, but there is a whole world of things out there that will kill before a shark does. Here are just a few of those things.

You’re three times more likely to be killed by fatness then lightning…

Look I’m going to shout here, so be prepared: OBESITY HAS NEVER KILLED ANYONE BECAUSE IT’S NOT A DISEASE. 

*ahem* I get a bit tetchy about this, because facts,   You may now go about your normal business.

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You aren’t serious about this “diets don’t work” thing, are you?

Completely serious. Diets don’t work. By diet, I mean anything you are doing to fuck with your eating habits in order to lose weight. Even if you’re fucking with your food to lose weight “for your health”, that’s still a diet. If you’re calling your attempt to lose weight a “lifestyle change” or “eating better and exercising”, it’s still a diet. Whenever attempted weight-loss is studied, the results are a resounding failure. The researchers say things like, “It is only the rate of weight regain, not the fact of weight regain, that appears open to debate.”