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A serious obstacle

I work hard – I really do – to try not think of the Tories as evil but, y’know, there are some days when I think: why fight it?

The Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence has been two years in the making and was ready to be signed off by the 47 member states.

But in an unprecedented step, Britain has intervened to object to the wording “violence against women is understood as a violation of human rights”. Instead, it wants “violence against women constitutes a serious obstacle for women’s enjoyment of human rights”. It also wants to alter the document so that it applies only in peace time, and not during armed conflict — a surprising request, given the widespread international use of rape as a weapon of war.

This kind of thing is a serious obstacle for me regarding Conservatives as human beings.

Happy International Women’s Day.

In honour of international women’s day (and the ever-so-slightly predictable “But what about INTERNATIONAL MEN’S DAY, EH? EH? WHAT ABOUT THAT? WHERE’S OUR DAY? EH?” backlash) I thought it might be nice if we could deal with this kind of thing by setting aside a day in advance for all the chip-on-shoulder whiny bleaters who can’t handle the idea of setting aside days to recognise various things.