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I resent the fact that the weight loss industry has a net worth greater than that of Bill Gates. I resent the fact that the weight loss industry makes money hand over fist off of people’s hatred for the way their bodies look and feel. And I definitely resent the fact that the weight loss industry makes millions of dollars by making promises to consumers that they never intend to keep. Nearly every weight loss regimen in existence has an unprecedented 95% failure rate, meaning 95% of those who do lose weight adhering to them inevitably regain the weight they lost, and sometimes more, within a span of three years. It’s a vicious cycle, and we owe it to ourselves to break free from it. And it starts by learning to love our bodies and spitting in the face of what society considers “attractive.” Extend a one-finger salute to the relentless barrage of media propaganda that says you have to be a certain size to be “beautiful” in the eyes of our society. Say, “Fuck it, I’m fat and I like it! I won’t lose weight because society says I should! Fuck that shit! And fuck you!”
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If you think about it, the problem of “obesity” is a marketer’s dream. Despite the rhetoric, it doesn’t actually kill anybody, so the diet industry has a lifelong customer. There’s no cure for it, and the supposed cure (dieting or weight loss surgery) causes a variety of problems, including weight gain, which just keeps the customer hooked in. Plus, lots of folks who aren’t fat are convinced that they’re fat or going to become fat, so they buy the product as well. This is marketing heaven!


Fuck your BMI bullshit. (Taken with Instagram)

[a hand flipping off a BMI chart]

So much love for this.



Fuck your BMI bullshit. (Taken with Instagram)

[a hand flipping off a BMI chart]

So much love for this.

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(Other than an epidemic of hate and prejudice)

Don’t worry your pretty little brainwashed heads, I won’t cost you a penny.

And i’m not alone in that.

These anti-fat news reports are all sponsored by diet companies and a way of spreading fear, it’s a hate campaign as usual. Yawn.

“They’re telling lies!” I quote from Hairspray.

But eh, thanks bbc and all other news stations for the extra stigmatisation thrusted upon the visual of my body type as i’m on my way out in public! (sarcasm on the thanks.x.12)

If I could have my way I would DEMOLISH the “obesity expert” (PAAAAHAHAHAHAHA) meeting at Parliament today.

There really is nothing to discuss other than their own prejudices. Bunch of complete and total idiots! They are wasting their time and in doing so, hurting so many people.. Pehhh…

EDIT: It’s the costs of oppression and the oppressors that it all leads back to that are the problem, not the people of whom are oppressed.

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You aren’t serious about this “diets don’t work” thing, are you?

Completely serious. Diets don’t work. By diet, I mean anything you are doing to fuck with your eating habits in order to lose weight. Even if you’re fucking with your food to lose weight “for your health”, that’s still a diet. If you’re calling your attempt to lose weight a “lifestyle change” or “eating better and exercising”, it’s still a diet. Whenever attempted weight-loss is studied, the results are a resounding failure. The researchers say things like, “It is only the rate of weight regain, not the fact of weight regain, that appears open to debate.”

Both the diet scam artists and their enablers in the public-health establishment keep selling, with great success, the following utterly incredible message: Americans are fat because they aren’t trying hard enough to be thin.

This claim is about as plausible as the hypothesis that Americans are poor because they don’t care enough about being rich. Imagine the absurdity of an argument that the reason there are 50 million poor people in America is because our culture is insufficiently materialistic.

Yet this, in effect, is the claim of our anti-fat warriors: Americans are fat because they don’t care enough to make the sacrifices necessary to be thin. Interestingly, it’s somewhat difficult to find people of even moderate intelligence and education who can maintain the level of self-satisfied ignorance necessary to believe that poor people “choose” to be poor, yet it’s very easy to find such people who accept as self-evident the notion that fat people “choose” to be fat.

This inspires me to point something out to my more liberal readers. Remember that particularly clueless right-wing acquaintance of yours? The one who believes that anybody in America can become rich, because he thinks about poverty in a completely unscientific, anecdotal way, which allows him to treat the exceptional case as typical? The one who can’t seem to understand the simplest structural arguments about the nature of social inequality?

The next time you see some fat people and get disgusted by their failure to “take care of themselves,” think about your clueless friend.

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I don’t want to be rude. I just wish you would cease discussing your no-carb, no-fat, gluten-free, low-salt, no-fun diet. Nor do I want to hear about the “snob” diet, or the one where you eat certain foods only during certain times of the day, or the raw diet, or how you get all your slimming meals delivered. Do not speak to me of Weight Watchers or Overeaters Anonymous, Jenny Craig or the Dr. Perricone salmon skin cult. Mention not the regime where you don’t consume anything until you’re about to pass out, and then you eat a single cube of cheese. I really don’t want to hear about your cleanse, your juice fast, or how much energy you have now that you disdain all solid food. Do your skinny jeans fit? Is your skin glowing? Are you retaining water? I didn’t just ask that, because I don’t give a crap. Don’t tell me your goal, current, or ideal weight, your set point, how much you have lost or gained or that you’ve reached a plateau. You’re worse than boring me. You’re torturing me.
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Read my anti-lapband rant for the SF Weekly’s blog! (pt. 1)

Thanks to Nicole Peirce for photoshopping this billboard so brilliantly!

Fuck You Allergan.

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Dances With Fat - Health Comes In All Shapes and Sizes

TRIGGER WARNING for fat hatred, threats of violence, abusive language

The World the Diet Culture Built

Fit Light Dairy


I adore these and it makes me laugh that they were designed to sell a ‘weight loss diet’  product… of course no one would want to look like these gorgeous women. *rolls eyes*

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