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i wana cry 

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The mysterious disease is obliterating bat colonies as it spreads across North America, and scientists say time is running out to save them.

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Trick Or Treat!  Happy Halloween from Ghost Bonnie, BatBun, BunGoyle, Mummy Bunny, Lefty the Bat, YetiBun, Angry Cloud and Mr. Tree.

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Q: Doesn’t “obesity” cause type 2 diabetes (T2D) in genetically susceptible people? Will trying to lose weight help people with T2D? A: Linda Bacon
While it’s true that the majority of people with T2D are in the BMI categories of “overweight” or “obese,” that’s at least in part because the insulin resistance that underlies most cases of T2D often causes people to gain weight. In fact, weight gain may actually be an early symptom—rather than a primary cause—of the path toward diabetes. Without a doubt, weight loss is very effective at improving blood glucose control in the short term. But this doesn’t mean that your health will be better off in the long run. A review of controlled weight-loss studies involving people with T2D showed that initial improvements in glucose control were followed by a return to starting levels of control within 6 to 18 months, even in the few cases where weight loss was maintained. Evidence shows us that the pursuit of weight loss can actually be harmful, both physically and emotionally. It also tends to distract a person from the behaviors and attitudes that really can improve one’s health, such as eating well, being physically active, and cultivating a positive sense of self. What can have lasting positive results, however, is developing sustainable behaviors. A wealth of evidence shows that people of all sizes can substantially improve their blood glucose control and their general health and well being through healthy behaviors—even in the absence of weight loss. To learn more about a HAES approach to T2D concerns, check out this article I co-authored with Judith Matz in Diabetes Self-Management Magazine.
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A Mighty Grizzly Bear’s Behind - Cheeky Faux Taxidermy

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That noise you hear is me, squeeing with all my heart.

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Somebody get these to me in my size, stat!

Somebody get these to me in my size, stat!

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