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You’ve probably spent your whole life being misunderstood, surrounded by people who don’t understand you. Maybe you’ve been told that you’re “aggressive” or “troubled”. People may have assumed that you’re stupid or treated you like a small child when you’re not one. It’s likely people have told you how “sorry” they feel for your “poor parents” or suggested that people like you should never be born. People have probably told you that you don’t feel empathy, that you can’t have friends, that you don’t feel love or pain and you’ll always be a cold, friendless loner.

I’m going to tell you something very important. All of those people are WRONG. All of them.

You’re not broken. You’re not stupid. You’re not a tragedy. You are absolutely brilliant and beautiful and loved and wanted *exactly* the way you are.
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TW for ableist language. 

Shared by a friend on G+:

“S#!t Ignorant People Say To Autistics” 

First time I’ve seen it. :\

There is a transcript of the video in the Youtube video description area thingy. 

Made my day. Seriously.

I will never stop loving this video (and I have heard EVERY. DAMN. ONE.)

OMG, the toothpick one. 

New rule for my tumblr: I re-blog this every time I see it :D

I like that rule and shall adopt it. 

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For autistic activists like Gross and Paula C. Durbin-Westby, a professional book indexer and choirmaster at her Episcopal church in Virginia, Autism Awareness Day is not a cause for celebration. In their eyes, the dire messaging designed to frighten wealthy donors into opening their wallets every April 2 — such as the infamous 2009 ”I Am Autism” video, which framed the condition as a terminator of marriages that works “faster than pediatric AIDS, cancer, and diabetes combined” – reinforces dangerous negative stereotypes and increases the stigma faced by autistic adults, most of whom don’t wake up in the morning yearning for a cure or wishing that their peers on the spectrum had never been born. Instead, members of groups like the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network look forward to an era when their community no longer faces violence at home or discrimination in the workplace, in housing, in education, in the legal system, in health care, and in society at large.

Two years ago, Durbin-Westby proposed that autistic people and their families and friends recast April 2 as an occasion for promoting acceptance and understanding rather than vague “awareness,” and reclaim the day as an annual opportunity to celebrate their community’s diversity and vitality. ”I started Autism Acceptance Day as a corrective to the ubiquitous negative images we see every April,” she recalls. “The first World Autism Awareness Day referred to autism as an ‘equal destroyer.’ From videos that talk about autism as some sort of soul-sucking demonic persona, to 150 empty strollers signifying that autism has robbed parents of their toddlers, navigating April for many Autistics has been like walking through a field of (stroller-shaped) land mines. No more! Autism Acceptance Day takes back April and puts it where it belongs — into the hands of Autistic people, supportive family members, friends, and communities.”
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April is Autism Awareness Month

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Living with the Autistic Spectrum - a vignette.

(My son is visiting and we sat in the living room together. This is the actual conversation that took place.)

Me: hey son, it’s Autism Awareness Month

Son: oh cool, I guess in our family we know a lot about that *goes back to playing GTA 4*

Me: *pokes son in the arm*

Son: what?

Me: Just letting you know I’m aware of you

Son: *glancing at me briefly with his patent ‘the old dear needs to be humoured look*  Umm thank you ?

Both my children are on the Autistic Spectrum and we don’t think of it  as a disorder at all. They were great kids and are totally awesome adults.

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