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As demonstrated above, I’m skinny. This means only one thing: that I’m skinny.

It doesn’t mean I’m healthy, nor does it mean I’m not. Contrary to popular belief, health and weight aren’t inherently linked, and trying to pass off your beauty ideal as healthy vs. unhealthy is a low fucking blow.

It doesn’t mean I’m objectively sexier than non-skinny women, nor does it mean I’m objectively less sexy. Objective sexiness doesn’t exist. If you think it does, you either don’t understand what ‘objective’ means, or you’re incredibly dense.

It doesn’t mean I’m more of a woman, nor does it mean I’m less of one. My womanhood is a fundamental part of my identity; it isn’t remotely tied to what you think of my body. To think you’re somehow the arbiter of other people’s womanhood is ridiculously presumptuous.

Replace ‘skinny’ with any other body type, and it’s just as true.

[A note about anorexia, which I’m putting down here in brackets so it doesn’t ruin the flow of the main post: ‘skinny/boney’ is not synonymous with ‘anorexic’. There are people with eating disorders who still hold on to more weight than the stereotypical emancipated form that’s so often equated with the disorder. When you equate a certain size with being anorexic, you’re perpetuating the idea that those with anorexia only come in one shape (making it harder for those who don’t fit the stereotype to get their problem acknowledged) and cheapening the seriousness of the disorder by tagging it to skinny people who quite possibly don’t have any eating disorders to speak of. That makes you an ass. Just FYI.]

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