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Site-blocking law dubbed ‘Ireland’s Sopa’ to pass without parliamentary vote, from


Site-blocking law dubbed ‘Ireland’s Sopa’ to pass without parliamentary vote, from

"If you can’t work out how to get round the wikpedia blackout you don’t deserve the internet. Took me all of a minute to work something out."

"Wikipedia emulates the effect #SOPA has on piracy - general population confused and blocked, but those intent on getting info do so with ease."

Stuff like this on Twitter is really enraging me this morning. “This is how geeks become libertarians,” I grumbled to [personal profile] trinker. ” ‘I’ve got mine, now fuck you.’ “

There just seems so much of this attitude that the Wikipedia blackout is an inconvenience to work around, rather than a wider political point. The person who said “only these people deserve the Internet” rankled me so much I had to reply. “I couldn’t disagree more. Everyone deserves the internet. A lot of its power is in its accessibility to non-technical people.”

This is all about who should decide who deserves the internet.