foolish mistakes, but whatever, they are all mine.
Mostly-cis, fat ,middle aged, bisexual, disabled, white femme. My hobby is seeing how many years I can add to my collection before I die.

Posting will be random but may contain fat acceptance, wool, and cats, lagomorphs and corvids in no particular order. Posting may also be sporadic as I have ME/CFS and a bunch of other stuff that makes me tired and some times crabby.

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    I know SO many people that would want this and they don’t even use a wheelchair!
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    This is the best #chronicallyawesome thing ever. Yo @queenofspain!
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    Need, for reasons, okay?
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    Not PC, but funny.
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    {Image: A wheelchair with a (probably fake) machine gun attached on the left armrest. A belt to feed the gun starts on...
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